Jordan Schachter,

Arden T. Kayce ,
















"The Legacy of Walter Frumm," a 90 minute feature film, is a dark comedy which completed shooting May, 2004.

Longer Synopsis:

Jared is a struggling theatre director. He visits his friend and landlord, the dying millionaire Walter Frumm, who lays out his plans for revenge on those who've wronged him. Jared, needing money, is lured by Walter's offer to let him direct a play Walter wrote. Jared agrees to execute, and videotape, each practical joke.

After orchestrating a series of cruel (and funny) acts on Walter's ex-wife and former business partner, Walter is enraged as the jokes backfire, leaving the intended victims better off than they were before. Wally and Jared initiate the play, which is the last and most important practical joke.

The target is Kelly, who Walter feels was just after his money. Walter instructs Jared to cast Kelly in the lead role in his purposefully bad play "My Pastrami Sandwich," which happens to be about a talking Pastrami sandwich. Jared is to insist Kelly always wears the Pastrami Sandwich costume - not just on stage and in press interviews - but 24 hours a day to "get into character." Jared is furious that the play is bogus, but the rent is due so agrees.

As the initial gags they played begin to have repercussions, and the play moves closer to opening night, passions ignite. Meanwhile, Walter's health is deteriorating, and the question of what will he leave behind becomes all the more urgent.